Cheap Horses in the Fall Leaves…The Style Files

“There’s a lot of spiders in there…”  she said, referring to the leaves I was about to lay down in.  She was right, I had seen them.  I had seen three little spiders crawling in the leaves within the span of about 15 seconds when I had looked down earlier.  “Are you sure you want to lay down in there?”  “Fuck it!”  I said, “It’s going to look really cool with this outfit.”  and, as if jumping into cold water, I quickly laid myself down and threw some leaves on top of me, forgetting for a moment, the little creepers down below.  And for a moment-  they weren’t even there-  I wasn’t even trying not to think about them- I actually wasn’t thinking about them.  I simply let all my worries go while Amanda gave me subtle direction and shot photo’s above me with my iPhone.  “I think we’ve got it.”  she said.  “Yeah?” I said.  “Yeah.”  She said…  “Dude seriously,  I can see the spiders down there…”  And then it hit me…spiders…fucking spiders!! I hate spiders so very much.  I’m the kind of person that if I simply see a spider, I literally feel the sensation of a spider bite somewhere on my body for about an hour  or so. And yet there I was laying in a pile of fall leaves, surrounded by probably hundreds of little spiders, spiders that might be crawling in my hair and up my skirt and into my boots RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!!!!!  I shot up like a firecracker and let out a blood curdling scream….I let out a few screams in fact.  I ran out of the leaves as soon as a could, shaking and wiggling and frantically brushing my hands down my arms, legs and hair yelling, “get them off me!  Get them off me!!!”  I stopped for a second and turned to Amanda, “Do you see any spiders??”  She seemed pretty calm, “No, you’re cool…”  “For sure?”  I said.  “Yeah, you’re good…” I took a breath and calmed myself, “Sorry dude… I really don’t like spiders.”

Photo Dec 01, 1 45 44 PM

Photo Dec 02, 2 01 19 PM   Photo Dec 02, 4 55 19 PM

Photo Dec 02, 2 01 56 PM Photo Dec 02, 6 42 16 PM

White Tank:  Gifted from my sister

Cropped Sweater:  $4 at Goodwill

Belt:  Hand-Me-Down from a friend

Maxi Skirt: $5 at Goodwill

Cowboy Boots:  $3 at Goodwill Outlet (where shoes are $1.49 a pound)

Necklace: Who knows how much-it’s from Forever 21 forever ago

Earrings: $3 from Claires

Rings: $2 each from Earthbound Trading Co

All Photos Shot with my iPhone 4S by Amanda Carberry

Outfit featured in the Frugal Fashion Challenge on

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