Moonlit Waterfall

Photo by Dusty Draper
Photo by Dusty Draper
Photo by Dusty Draper
Photo by Dusty Draper

Underneath this light

I’m caught in the dark

fighting for grace

and covered in beauty

reaching out for the moonlit water

that runs through me and down my skin

“Don’t Forget

You are something great…”


Photo by Sarah Abell
Photo by Sarah Abell
Photo by Caitlin Harris
Photo by Caitlin Harris

I hand crafted this beautiful piece from remnant blue knit rayon and chiffon. I left the edges raw and hand placed and stitched the shoulder detail.  Originally intended to be for a 9 year old in a recent fashion show, I tried the gown on in it’s beginning stages and knew that its destiny was to be worn by a woman.  I love this piece because it reminds me of an abstract watercolor painting.  That is very much how I created it- draping the fabric upon the bodice in an abstract form until I knew it was done. Enjoy 🙂

Dress can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.

Model: Leilani Jade Flannagin

MUA Hannah Burford

Hair: Denikka Danyell

All Photo’s shot at Nossi College of Art as part of their photogrpahy program

Featured Photographers: Sarah Abell, Dusty Draper and Caitlin Harris

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