it all fell apart but that’s over now…


I don’t like to wish

because it feels like hoping

and I don’t like to hope because

I only want what I want

Not those childish whispers of

whimsy and fleeting possibilities


My power is so strong

it cuts me like a knife

yet it’s so far away

I fear I’ll have to go to space camp 18 times

and get a pilots license on the moon

before I’m qualified

to drive a ship

to get me back to it


Mostly because of my heart-

because I’m too strong to break

so I’m breaking all the time

Quietly screaming

inside of rooms

inside of doors

inside of rooms

so no one will hear me

because I’m happy almost always

except when I’m not

and then the fall is so fast

that I practically die

 til I claw myself out

breaking through the water of my tears

 like a toddler in the undertow

gasping for air

in the arms of a lifeguard


You’ll probably never read this


It doesn’t make much sense anyway

except I’m wishing you will

hoping you’ll want to be the one

to glue me together


Poem and Photography by Elisabeth Donaldson

2014 All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “it all fell apart but that’s over now…

  1. Wow. OMG, i feel this. “because I’m too strong to break…so I’m breaking all the time”…… I TOTALLY understand this. Bravo, sister!!

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