Luck is not something you get…


Tonight as I stepped into the twilight of my unmowed and clover filled front yard, I thought to myself, “You know everyone seems to be finding four leaf clovers these days- I think I would like to find one too…” and within 5 seconds I looked down and there it was- the first four leaf clover I have ever found in my entire life. Just like that. I was absolutely delighted- but in truth I was not surprised… and as I turned on my music to begin my run- I started thinking about this whole thing called luck.

I am lucky because I’m happy, I am happy because I work extremely hard to create a life that is filled with beauty, purpose, dignity and integrity. And I work not only to live out my own dreams- but to encourage and help others to do the same. I can factually say that my only motivation for success- is that in it’s achievement- I would be able to inspire and help more people than I currently do.

We live in a culture that is so fixated on the individual, that we tend to forget that there are numerous dynamics in life- eight, in fact- you, your family, your friends and groups, mankind, all life, the physical universe, the spiritual universe and infinty, God or whatever you chose to call it. I strive to make decisions and take actions that contribute to the growth and expansion of all of these areas- and while it’s not always easy or popular- it’s factually exhilarating. By taking responsibility for all these things- you are creating the universe- you are creating luck.

Luck is happiness, luck is belief, luck is purpose manifested. Luck is what you create.

So live life with purpose, work hard, work so hard you don’t even know if you can work any harder, but then do, then breathe… give back, help others, fill everything with beauty, think not just of your own needs, but the needs of all areas of life, stay on task, stay on purpose, survive well, be true to your own integrity, and be big- be so very big- be the very best you can be because the world actually needs you to do just that- it needs every piece of amazing you can give it. Do these things and more with vigor and passion and you will be very lucky indeed- because luck my friend, is not something you get- it’s something you create.







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