Wolverine Heart


I’ve got a Wolverine Heart- you know- that crazy metal alloy adamantium shit, bursting out of my hands, razor sharp and bleeding every time…

Warrior heart- runs out screaming into the battlefield of life- open and huge, chronically naive, loving things it shouldn’t love, too big, too brave, all in, all the time, so excited, every time…

Its kind like I’m playing mortal combat against a 4 year old- and I’m all like, “I got this!” and 5 minutes later I’m missing an arm and my head has been reduced to a nub that is now spewing cartoon video game blood… kinda like that…

I had a boyfriend tell me one time, “You know, everybody thinks that you’re a lion- but actually your just a bunny- a little fluffy, tiny, bunny. Yup, that’s me, that’s my heart, cute little clumsy, fluffy, wobbly, baby bunny with crazy magic metal wolverine bones.

I love the world so much it might kill me- because it breaks my heart, tears it up, kicks it around, stabs it in the leg… Now I’m no comic book junkie, but I’ve been dragged to a movie or two- and you’ve seen it- Wolverine is out there swinging- getting his ass beat- and he might heal up quick but- damn- it’s painful. But Wolverine is a badass kinda dude, you know, so he keeps on healing and he keeps on fighting, because the world needs him… So I’ll keep loving and I’ll keep healing, because the world needs my heart, to save it, and my heart needs the world, to keep it full.








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