Goodwill Gold: Bad Nineties Dress Alchemy


Some people get extra cash and they wanna sprint to the mall and buy up all the new fashion swag they can find- me, I’m a goodwill girl. I’ve been an avid thrifter since I was 12- who knows- maybe even earlier than that- all I can say is that nothing can ever compare to the feeling of finding thrift store swag. Swimming through a sea of horrendous, outdated, tacky, ill fitting clothing and finding those one of a kind vintage pieces that speak to your heart like a charming dog at the pound. And much like that sweet old dog that’s about to become your best friend, some lucky dresses, just need a bath and a haircut.

This dress was Vintage Express and took me back to the days of Winona Ryder and Reality Bites… I tried it on 4 times and almost put it back 5 times- because although I loved the pockets and spring vibe- I just kept thinking that this might just turn out to be a big bad nineties mistake…. but, I decided to risk it and after giving it a hem and pairing it with a darling belt that I also thrifted on the same day- I was absolutely delighted with the final result.








Final Look:

Thrifted Vintage silk slip layered under thrifted and hemmed nineties Express Dress

Belt, Hat and picnic basket: all thrifted

Daisy necklace and earrings: Vintage heirlooms from my grandmother

Golden Field of Flowers: Provided by Nature

Photos by Amanda Carberry

PS: Thank You to whoever put a random white couch in the field… your trash was most certainly my photoshoot treasure!




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