Queen Antonite

a face

If you travel past the sun and light-years back in time through whispers of a past so haunting it chills you, you will meet a queen.  She was a great beauty, tall enough to look upon many worlds, yet not so large that she could not understand the hearts of those she lead and served.  Her eyes glowed like soft bright moons and she radiated quietly like a sky filled with sparkling stars.  Hers was a universe filled with beauty and light.

The Darkness sees light as a thing to be smothered and it sought to destroy the Queen and her kind- if only to sustain its own existence. It was silent of course and not noticed by a soul, but the Darkness, crept into this world like a slight insidious wind.  It whispered into ears like a distempered dream and bred the first tiny seeds of doubt and fear.

In spite of the Queen’s grand love and reassurance, her kind began to tremble and shake.  The Darkness shadowed over them, cloaked in sleep, and filled them with memories of sadness and regret.  They were simple, so simple, too peaceful and untouched, and soon, lead by a force they could not understand, their fear swelled up.  Stabbing at shadows they could not see- they began to know the taste of blood.

The queen stumbled upon this in her travels and felt her heart- wretched and squeezed and choked and emptied- rise into her throat like a stifled scream. Weakened by the dismantling of a peace that she never predicted would break- she knew she must find the strength to learn to fight.  She painted her face with stardust in the traditional design of the ancient protectors, and put upon her back a robe comprised of the lost souls that she could not defend.  This remembrance kept her safe.   Cloaked in the lost- she fought.

Toy Elephant Photography

For eons to come she was known as the most beautiful warrior on the south side of the galaxy.  Fiercely radiant, she flew through space – particles of energy and light exploding in her every move- her weapon was her passion and her desire to protect the light ones from becoming the very thing that had come to destroy them

She fought until she could barely move- she fought until her face lost its glow and became filled with dust and skin that was stretched and torn.  The darkness crept- it slaughtered her children and burned her worlds, turned stars into stones and still, she fought.  Her kind turned against her, charged forth to steal and destroy the little light she had left but she carried forth to protect them.  Although it drained her to stand tall and shine bright enough for them to still see their own decency- she did so.  And when she had looked in their eyes long enough to bring forth the tears of truth and redemption-  She went forth and fought.  Each breath became heavy, each step more human, each war cry more fragile and strained.  The keepers of light had long since left her as the sole protector of her universe and the weight of her own lonely integrity rushed upon her like the ocean upon a sinking ship.

The darkness finally became too much the universe too hard and the people too sad and weak and the queen, using every last ounce of strength rose high into the sky overlooking her ravaged lands and began to weep.  You could feel the sound of her despair-  it was empty and hollow and paralyzing and deep- deep into the inside of all existence.  Her chest heaved one last labored cry and then down from the sky she fell, body torn and heavy crashing down into the dust and ash that remained of all that once lived.  She lay in the middle of all she had fought for and lost-  small and mortal,  clutching to her own body as if it was the last possible thing left to save. The minions of darkness- with the pathetic victory of overtaking one who is already broken on their breath, seized upon her and squeezed her sad emptied soul into a stone which was thrown far far away into a long forgotten corner of a word that had long since burned.  There she was left.  To sleep and to die.

Toy Elephant Photography

Now darkness is darkness and, being the insane thing that it is, forgets

Eternities passed.  Suns were born and suns would burn until they exploded into Supernovas and then faded.   Even the darkness faded (as darkness often will- as his has not the integrity and strength of light) turning into dust until a new evil comes along to replace it.

And the darkness forgot

Even the queen forgot.  Sleeping can be like dying if you’re afraid to face all you have left behind. Now a soul is a soul and it is a power that cannot be killed; and the queen’s was a soul that could not be broken

The frivolous pressures of the aimless chaos of time wore away at the rock, small cracks and splits seeping into its shell once every million or so years. It was forever and an instant all happening at once- but eventually the queen was released, drifting in sadness like a dream among the stars

The lords of darkness, small minded as they were- unaware and unsure of their own power, could never have known that this warrior queen- released into the universe as she had become-  would come back to find them and to rid the world once again of the darkness that had killed her kind

Until one day

The Queen came back…



 For Lauren on her Birthday.  Written by Elisabeth Donaldson.  All Rights Reserved 2014

Photography by Toy Elephant Photography.  Vest and Skirt designed by Elisabeth Donaldson of Monarch


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