Body Image: Stop Blaming the Media, It Starts With You…

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I want to communicate about something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently- I see so much written about the influence of the media upon female body image- but I feel there is another far more destructive force at work- which is the culture we have created ourselves. I have heard so many women in my life make awful comments about the way they look, what they are eating, etc. I have seen women speak negatively about the way other women look, too fat, too skinny, what have you. I was on set the other day listening to one of the Titans cheerleaders tell me about how the women at her other work shunned her and even had management pull her aside to talk to her because of her looks. This woman was beautiful, and very tasteful. She was undeniably gorgeous and she had a body, and the only way she should have possibly hidden it was to wear a tent and put a paper bag over her head. Shaming others for being beautiful, or skinny or what have you- is equally destructive as shaming others for being ugly or overweight.

We need to stop this culture of self criticism and criticism of others. No more, “God- I’m such a fat cow today.” No more, “Ug- she’s so pretty it makes me sick” Stop- just stop. It’s not okay- not about you not about others.

The bottom line is this: whatever you are, own it, embrace it, love it- love yourself at 10 pounds thinner, love yourself again at 10 pounds heavier, love yourself with messed up hair and no makeup, love yourself when your done to the nines. Love other women and do not speak disparagingly about them- encourage others to make choices that make them more healthy, beautiful, happy and alive- compliment beauty in others. Realize that when you are 75- you WILL be beautiful- it will just be different. Whatever type of aesthetic you are presenting at the moment you are presenting it- is something that no one else has. And if you are setting a good example, doing what you can to enhance the world around you and always taking steps to be a better you on every level and maintaining your own personal integrity- then you should always have cause to feel beautiful.

That thing about your body that you hate (nose, butt, thighs, what have you) Imagine what would happen if you just decided to love it and own it- others would probably even view you differently.

Be you, love you, love others, seek beauty, radiate beauty, and never ever be ashamed, ashamed to be beautiful, ashamed to be skinny, ashamed to be fat, ugly, long hair, short hair, natural hair, wig, weave, bald, wrinkled, tall, short, never be ashamed to be what you are. Your body is not you- it’s the vessel you are using to communicate with the world so allow it to be a reflection of your beautiful soul.


2 thoughts on “Body Image: Stop Blaming the Media, It Starts With You…

  1. It’s true that your perception of yourself is paramount. When you think you are homely, you slouch, you look downward, you speak softly, you don’t appear confident. Confidence is beautiful. Happiness is beautiful. Be confident and happy as a spiritual being and the physical reality has no choice but to follow along.

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