Say all those things in your heart that scare you…

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We live in a society where so often we are trained to hold things in, hide our true feelings, ignore situations that make is upset, “be polite” “be cool” “let it go” “don’t worry about it” What if we just all said exactly what was in our mind? Exactly what we were going through? Exactly what we observed? Exactly what we felt? Not to attack, or to whine or to tear down under the guise of “communication” but to use real, genuine, rational and heartfelt communication and honesty to open the door to handling the people and situations in our life that are consuming our mind and pinning us down. To be brave enough to reach as far out into the world as we can with real, honest communication about the things we believe in. Society will tell you to communicate less, and sure- there were probably times when you communicated and it sucked, or you got shot down, hurt or criticized, but don’t let it stop you. Communicate more, communicate often- tell someone when you think they are amazing or beautiful or incredible- ask someone if you think they are upset or sad or angry. Ask those questions you are afraid of- for fear of embarrassment, rejection or the answer you might receive. Say all those things in your heart that scare you- communicate in any way that you can… you’ll be amazed at what can happen when you do…

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