The 365 Day Challenge: Why I thrift…


I have been thrifting ever since I was old enough to care about fashion.  For me it has always been style choice-  even at the young age of 12 and 13-  I discovered that I could find unique and unusual pieces at a thrift store that would be pretty much impossible to find elsewhere.  Then, as I began my journey into up cycling with my Monarch Couture clothing line I not only became more and more immersed into the world of thrifting-  but, since my line was an Eco Fashion line, I also became increasingly aware of the negative environmental impacts of current commercial fashion.


Working non-profit and being a freelance artist and small business upstart for the past several years- I have been tasked with the problem of looking good on a dime-  after all if you are an artist, stylist and a fashion designer-  you can’t exactly look unfashionable…

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