Unexpected Magic: My shoot with Antonio…

Elisabeth Donaldson


A few days ago Antonio Fajardo and I had planned to do a shoot in the rain- I had dressed in all black to match the gloom but happened to pull this dress- still in my car from my Monarch Couture fashion show over the weekend “just in case” we needed another option.

I am an avid fan of sunsets and as the sun started to peek through under the storm I thought that we might be blessed with a beautiful sunset- but sometimes cloudy days end in a wimper of grey- so I wasn’t sure.


The sunset started to bloom and it was just magical- the autumn tree tops lit on fire surrounded by a cotton candy sky… as the park alarms sounded for us to leave I grabbed the dress and said, “can we take a few with this?” I think it would match perfectly!”

We shot for…

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