Goats, Junkyards and Rouge Hiking- the adventures of two roomies on a quest to the bottom of Cummins Falls


Cummins Falls– type in the hashtag on Insta and you will be flooded with romantic photos of bikini clad young women standing in front of the picturesque waterfalls like a freshwater mermaid.  Autumn and I had gone the entire summer without ever going there-  hell, I have lived in Nashville for 6 years and never been-  so here we were on the second day of December.  We had planned, we had scheduled, we were going to get to the bottom of those falls with my cheap iPhone tripod- and we were going to take an epic waterfall photo!

Well…we sure had a great adventure, but we never did get to the bottom of those falls…

For those of you who want the skinny on how in the actual F–k you get to the bottom of this epic water falls (especially in the fall/winter when there aren’t tons of hipsters…

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