The Bull Fighter and the Old Man

I’m suprised that I don’t get into car wrecks daily-  my eyes are so often not focused on the road in front of me like a good little driver-  instead they are constantly-  maybe sometimes even frantically- searching for beauty. Searching for images, for stories, for spaces I want to capture with a camera.   … More The Bull Fighter and the Old Man

Queen Antonite

If you travel past the sun and light-years back in time through whispers of a past so haunting it chills you, you will meet a queen.  She was a great beauty, tall enough to look upon many worlds, yet not so large that she could not understand the hearts of those she lead and served.  … More Queen Antonite

Bathrobe Revamp: The Tattered Housewife Dress and the story it told me…

Once Upon a time I had this bathrobe… And I cut it here and there… You could say it took a trip…to a whole new life… And sometimes my dresses tell me stories… Here is the story this dress told me… Veronica had come from a small town in the southern Midwest… The name isn’t … More Bathrobe Revamp: The Tattered Housewife Dress and the story it told me…


You know, I could have created ten million adorable patriotic outfits and makeup looks and manicures to post up on the Fourth of July, but I got to thinking- the fourth isn’t all about how good I can look in the colors if our flag- it’s a celebration of freedom and diversity and the lovely … More ‘Merica

Wolverine Heart

I’ve got a Wolverine Heart- you know- that crazy metal alloy adamantium shit, bursting out of my hands, razor sharp and bleeding every time… Warrior heart- runs out screaming into the battlefield of life- open and huge, chronically naive, loving things it shouldn’t love, too big, too brave, all in, all the time, so excited, … More Wolverine Heart

Spring Nior

Vintage camisole, skirt, belt and picnic tin from Goodwill Sunglasses: Nashville Swap Meet Gold daisy Necklace and earrings: Vintage Heirlooms Heart Necklace: Forever 21 Rings: Earthbound Trading Company, J Crew Flowers: Wild Photography by Amanda Carberry