Winter Wonderland…

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I woke up this morning to the sound of two children outside my window- making snow angels at 7a.  I had been eagerly awaiting the snowstorm all night- checking the weather far to often- hoping the cold rain would end and the magical snow would start as soon as possible.  Sometime…

Unexpected Magic: My shoot with Antonio…

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A few days ago Antonio Fajardo and I had planned to do a shoot in the rain- I had dressed in all black to match the gloom but happened to pull this dress- still in my car from my Monarch Couture fashion show over the weekend “just in case” we needed another…

Queen Antonite

If you travel past the sun and light-years back in time through whispers of a past so haunting it chills you, you will meet a queen.  She was a great beauty, tall enough to look upon many worlds, yet not so large that she could not understand the hearts of those she lead and served.  … More Queen Antonite


You know, I could have created ten million adorable patriotic outfits and makeup looks and manicures to post up on the Fourth of July, but I got to thinking- the fourth isn’t all about how good I can look in the colors if our flag- it’s a celebration of freedom and diversity and the lovely … More ‘Merica

Wolverine Heart

I’ve got a Wolverine Heart- you know- that crazy metal alloy adamantium shit, bursting out of my hands, razor sharp and bleeding every time… Warrior heart- runs out screaming into the battlefield of life- open and huge, chronically naive, loving things it shouldn’t love, too big, too brave, all in, all the time, so excited, … More Wolverine Heart

Moonlit Waterfall

Underneath this light I’m caught in the dark fighting for grace and covered in beauty reaching out for the moonlit water that runs through me and down my skin “Don’t Forget You are something great…”                        -Elisa I hand crafted this beautiful piece from remnant … More Moonlit Waterfall